What's in this website?

The interactive, illustrated eBook, Crying Freedom: Heroic tales from the unstoppable nation of West Papua (previously called Vanishing Tribes) can be accessed in various forms on the eBook Versions page.

This site's primary purpose is as a factual basis for the fictional story contained in Crying Freedom. It is a 'living bibliography' of web links and references verifying the events that inspired Vivi's story in 2012, with updates substantiating the increasingly urgent call to stop the military impunity and injustice that continues in 2017. Our intent is to inform and connect readers who may choose to make a difference, by providing situational knowledge and a variety of ways to take action.

To help West Papuans regain their freedom, see Take Action Now! From there, you can get involved as a fellow activist, sign petitions, or donate to any of a list of charities worldwide helping West Papuans. Please lend your talents, your situation, your wealth, your influence (e.g., social media) or any other form of support to stop this global tragedy at a most crucial time.

Peace, and Merdeka! (Freedom!)