Take Action Now! (How to Help West Papuans Survive)

Give West Papuans the worldwide recognition they deserve. Show that you've heard Vivi's desperate plea for freedom. Do it right now with a few clicks, or a little each day with your heart, intelligence and skills. You can take action!

What can you do?

  • Visit the Make a Donation page to make a contribution to a variety of organizations that support West Papuan people and their continuing struggle for freedom.
  • Connect with activist organizations in your area (do a search for West Papua and your country name) or global organizations (see Donations Page above). Join in protests. Write letters to your elected representatives.
  • Connect with other people of faith in your church, mosque or other gathering place who would be willing to pray for West Papua, and perhaps take some coordinated action.
  • Add Comments to articles online, write an article yourself, or send a letter to the editor of a mainstream newspaper.
  • Recommend cryingfreedom.org to all of your Friends, Contacts and Followers. Sample Tweet: Beautifully illustrated novel at cryingfreedom.org tells inspiring story. 50 years of peaceful protest in #WestPapua.
  • Rate the book and write a review by logging in to any of the eBook providers listed on our eBook Versions page. All it takes is one click to rate an ebook, and one sentence to write a review. All it takes is one good review to bring in many new readers! (Note that your Username will show if you write a review.)
  • Can you, or someone you know, translate Crying Freedom into your native language? (Our previous publication was translated into German and Korean.) It's a huge task and a volunteer labour of love, but if you're interested, please send us a message
  • Sign our One-Sentence Petition, and link to other petitions supporting peace and freedom in West Papua.
  • Tell the world that the fate of West Papua affects us all, and that peaceful supporters like you are everywhere - by downloading, then posting, wearing or otherwise displaying the Morning Star flag.
  • Become an Ambassador for Peace at isolated.tv (and please mention the Crying Freedom eBook in your video)

How to stay up to date on developments and campaigns

If you want to receive world news on West Papua by e-mail, sign up to receive daily email messages from reg.westpapua on lists.riseup.net where you can also send messages to the worldwide list. (Lists from riseup.net can be set to "digest" mode to combine news stories and send you only one e-mail per day.)

For the latest videos, articles and reports from the field, you can also set up an RSS feed or regularly check the website at West Papua Media Alerts.

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